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Freelance Freedom Method - Marketing Bundle

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Hello, fellow freelancer.

In this video we're going to consider this question: How can you increase your freelance income by 95%, without having to do any tedious social media posting, without having to make any expensive ad purchases, and without having to attend any time consuming networking events?

My name is David Congreve. I've been a freelance copywriter for 17 years, and I know that figure (95%) sounds a little bit too specific, but there's a very good reason for this which I'm going to come on to.

The reason I've been able to make my freelance business last for the full 17 years, and in recent years grow into a six figure business, is because I've identified the little things that you can make improvements on that don't seem much in and of themselves, but when you combine them, they turn out into something quite spectacular.

And I've identified seven different areas of your freelance business that you can improve. I’m going to run through them very quickly with you.

Now, the first is simply to get more leads so that's more people that you've identified that could be a good fit for your service.

The second is to get more prospects, so that's turning those leads into prospects by making contact with them and turning them into somebody who could very likely become your customer.

Third way is to get more clients, so turn more of those prospects into customers.

Fourth way is simply to get clients to pay you more for each project that you do for them.

The fifth is to get clients to hire you for longer, so essentially they give you more work than they would otherwise.

Sixth way is to get more repeat business from them so they come back to you more often.

And the 7th way is simply to get more client referrals, so to get your existing contacts and clients to refer you to people who then become your clients.

So that is seven different ways that you can improve your overall income.

Now what would happen if you were to increase each of those by 10%? So, seven different areas of your business and you get, say, 10% more leads, 10% more prospects, 10% more customers. Right through the seven, does that mean your income is going to increase by 70%?

No, it doesn't.

Your income is actually going to increase by 95%.

And if you don't believe me, get your calculator out and check it. If you multiply your income by 10%, seven times in a row, because it compounds you get to a 95% increase.

So how can I help you achieve that goal?

Over the last 17 years, I've put together a number of different documents that have helped me improve each of those seven areas. Some of them are emails, some of them are instant messaging posts that you can send via social media, and some of them are documents that I send to the client or the prospect.

So what I've done, I've taken all of these documents – there's eight of them in total – and I've removed all of my information and turned them into templates so you can easily slide your information in and then use those documents in your business straight away.

And also to help you use it correctly, I've included a 67-minute training video.

I'm going to literally take you through every single document and explain how it works, why I've created it the way I have, how to fill in your details, and how to use it effectively.

I’ve put all of these together into one package. So you get those eight templates that will help you improve those seven areas. You've got the 67-minute training video. You've also got access to me. You'll also get my email address when you join, so that if you have any questions about anything to do with the project, you can ask me.

There's also a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there's absolutely no risk. So, if that sounds good to you, click on the “Buy this” button down below and you'll get access to all of those straight away.

And if you're still not sure, think of it like this…

What would it be worth to you to increase your income by 95%?

Let's put that to one side. What if you only did half as well? What if you improved your income by 50%? Would that be more than the price of this product?

If it is, then you've got absolutely nothing to lose, especially with the money-back guarantee as well.

In fact, you could even go as far as, what if you only improved by 10%? Even if you were only earning £1000  in a year and you're able to use these templates in the training video to increase your income by 10%, you still would have paid for this course in its entirety.

I hope that sounds good. Thank you very much for your time. Thank you for watching. Click the button down below to get started and I'll see you on the inside. Take care. Bye-bye.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

A bundle of easily editable marketing and client templates (including a 67-min training video), designed to help freelancers increase their income.

Training Video
67 minutes
Cold Messaging – Template
Request For Proposal – Template
Sales Call – Cheat Sheet
Retainer Agreement – Template
Client Agreement – Template
Client Onboarding – Cheat Sheet
Client Debrief – Template
Client Follow-Up – Template
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Freelance Freedom Method - Marketing Bundle

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